A Look At Lighting A Festival Campsite

There are many fundamental aspects when organising and carrying out a festival. From the sound systems to the stage sets, the food stalls to the portable loos, there’s clearly a lot to take into consideration when putting together what could potentially be an extremely large-scale festival event.

Yet whether the festival is as big as Glastonbury or something that is much smaller, lighting is a key element that must be in place because when the sun goes down, you’ll be relying on the various forms of generated lighting to keep your festival-goers dancing away into the night-time.


Festivals are predominantly powered using generators. This can cover all sorts of elements of the event including sound and heating systems, as well as providing power for various food stalls. However, the generators also importantly help to light up various areas of the festival including the stage set and campsite.

What size of generator you will require will depend on what exactly you are wanting to use it for, therefore, you’ll have to have a look at your campsite and assess what capacity you’ll require.

Head to our blog here giving you a step-by-step guide to choosing the right size of generator for your festival.

Tower Lights

Tower lights can be used for a variety purposes due to their ability to effectively light up large areas such as on construction sites or to carry out road works when it’s dark, and festival venues are another industry which our mobile lighting towers are popularly used for.

Tower lights run using their own generators and are a particularly great way of helping to light up large festival fields and campsites.

Decorative Lighting

Fluorescent and halogen fixtures are another popular way of lighting up festivals which we stock here at Event Electrix along with HQI floodlighting in a variety of colours which can all help to add a touch of vibrancy and interest to your festival.

These are a fantastic way of providing quirky lighting solutions onto architectural buildings and within woodland areas for the ultimate festival ambience.

Our LED colour changing par cans and festoon lighting are also great options for proving light to your event for the perfect festival feel.

Light Up Lettering

For a more decorative and intimate festival feel, Light it Up UK specialising in hand crafted light up letters, numbers and bespoke shapes are a fabulous way of providing unique lighting solutions that work fantastically well for festivals.

With the flexibility of being able to use the light up letters whichever way you’d like, whether it’s a vintage circus styled ‘LOVE’ lettering or light up musical notes, these are a fantastic way of adding a touch of style and chic to your event.

Need help to organise your festival lighting? Contact us!

With over 20 years’ experience in the events industry and our expertise covering a wide variety of event sectors, we pride ourselves in constantly being able to meet our client’s needs and requirements no matter the size and scale of the project.

So if you’re perhaps in the process of organising your very own festival but would like some assistance in choosing the correct lighting for your event, our team will be more than happy to help you, so please feel free to contact us here.