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A great option to save fuel, reduce emissions and cut noise on site is to use battery and hybrid generators in conjunction with diesel or in some situations, replacing traditional generators altogether. The batteries take over the loads automatically or at predetermined times and reduce the running time of diesel generators to reduce emissions and fuel usage. And, as there are no moving parts, battery generators are completely silent. 

A Battery Generator, essentially stores excess energy produced by an external generator or will come as a fully charged autonomous solution and can provide power for lower loads such as site offices, water bowsers, cabins, festoon lighting, low powered traders, etc. It can be connected to a diesel generator, so if the load gets too high for it to handle or its batteries get too low, it can automatically start the diesel generator as required and stop it again. 

A Hybrid Generator is essentially a canopy that includes both a battery and a diesel generator in one unit. This can be convenient as only one unit needs to be moved around and no interconnections are required by the end-user, however traditionally these will have lower power delivery specifications than separate generators. 

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